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Payment Information

Here, you’ll find a clear breakdown of accepted payment methods, session fees, insurance coverage, and other relevant details. Transparency is important to us at Nina Lauren Psychotherapy. That’s why we aim to ensure transparency and ease in financial matters, allowing you to focus on improving your well-being and receiving the support you need.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept payment via credit cards and direct bank transfers. We can accept payment via Zelle. Further details are provided during our new client intake process.

Session Fees

If not using insurance and paying out of pocket, depending on the therapist you work with, session fees range between $100 – $175/session.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is based on 24 hours advance notice. Out of our desire to respect everyone’s time, this is strictly enforced. No exceptions.


In the event you’re a no-show for your scheduled therapy session, you’ll automatically be charged the cost of your session as determined by your out-of-pocket cost or if using insurance, your carrier reimbursement rate.

Less Than 24 hrs Notice

In the event we receive your cancellation notification with less than 24 hours advance notice, you’ll automatically be charged the cost of your session as determined by your out-of-pocket cost or if using insurance, your carrier reimbursement rate.

More than 24 hrs Notice

If your cancellation notification is received more than 24 hours before your scheduled therapy session, there is no additional cost to cancel your session. If you would rather reschedule your therapy session, please refer to our rescheduling policy FAQ for further details.

Insurance Coverage

In-Network Accepted Insurance Policies

The in-network insurance plans we accept are: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna.

The Importance of Knowing Your Own Benefits

We will run a free benefit check as part of your onboarding process prior to you beginning your treatment, but please know that results may be inaccurate as insurance companies may have the wrong information listed in their portal or they may even change your coverage, we never know 100% until we process your first claim. So to avoid surprise out-of-pocket costs, please also call the number on the back of your card and request your in-network outpatient mental health services benefits or click on your portal below.

Out-of-Network Insurance Policy Claims

Contrary to what many people assume, out-of-network coverage can be very affordable and financially comparable or even the same as your in-network cost. Often and after your deductible has been met, we see copays range between $25-$45/session. NLP will also take care of all the admin work and file the claims on your behalf. To quickly assess and approximate your out-of-network benefits, please refer to the calculator below and provide us with your findings in your initial outreach.

There is also the more confident and certain option of contacting your carrier directly using the number listed on the back of your insurance card. If you call to gather your OON benefits, please inquire about the following:

  • Is teletherapy covered?
  • Is there a copay?
  • Is there a deductible? If so, how much have I met?
  • What is the maximum allowed amount per session?
  • Is prior authorization required?
  • Your insurance company may ask for the following information about Nina Lauren Psychotherapy:
    • CPT Code: 90834
    • NPI: 1063971760
    • Location: New York, NY

Insurance Verification Disclaimer

While NLP strives to offer accurate information when verifying insurance benefits, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of these details. Insurance benefits can change based on various factors, such as services, providers, and dates of service, and our practice has no control over these alterations to your plan. The information we provide is an estimate generated at the time of the inquiry. Once we submit claims for our services, we will gain a clearer understanding of the accuracy of this information and may need to make adjustments to your rate and/or reconcile any cost discrepancies for previous sessions. In addition to our verification, we strongly encourage you to contact the number provided on the back of your insurance card and consult your member representative regarding your “mental health, outpatient, office visit” benefits. If your insurance is through Aetna, Cigna, or BCBS, inquire about “in-network benefits,” and for other insurance carriers, ask about “out-of-network” benefits.