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In addition to your general sessions, we do charge for any additional professional services that you may require. These tasks can include communication with other professionals regarding your case, emergency communication requests, professional letters, and/or any type of processing of documentation. If you require any participation in any legal matters that may develop while working with us, we will charge for our professional time.

If your account remains unpaid for over 60 days without agreed-upon payment arrangements, we reserve the right to pursue legal avenues to collect the outstanding balance. This may entail hiring a collection agency or initiating legal proceedings in a small claims court. In typical collection situations, the only information disclosed about a patient’s treatment includes their name, the type of services rendered, and the outstanding amount owed.

Nina Lauren Psychotherapy does not offer or conduct assessments related to custody, visitation, or other forensic concerns. Additionally, we are unable and unwilling to offer any testimony or produce reports regarding custody, visitation, or the suitability of a parent in legal proceedings or administrative matters.