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Carolyn From

Therapist, Limited Permit MHC

As an exceptionally curious and interactive therapist, my primary goal is to understand the why behind where you presently are, and to assess and establish what drives you as an individual to get you moving forward towards the change you need and want. I want to get you critically thinking through emotions, reimagining your life narratives, adding clarity to your life direction, and confidently traversing the unknown so you can better understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that govern your life. I am dedicated to helping clients discover their inner strengths, resiliencies, and untapped potential.

My approach is eclectic in nature as each individual requires their own curated treatment. In working with me, you will be working towards finding more general fulfillment in your everyday life, emotional relief, relationship management, and establishing a general life balance.

Who’s a Good Fit?

I enjoy working closely with individuals who are struggling to overcome past traumas, navigating life transitions/direction, and experiencing relationship issues and religious-related conflicts. More specifically, I have extensive experience in guiding individuals to better cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and OCD-related tendencies.